To our beloved Field Trip Community:

As many of you already know, our beloved El Capitan Canyon is in shambles. Southern California was hit by some much-needed rainfall and in true SoCal style it all came at once in a deluge. The aftermath is a humble reminder: no matter how far humanity advances, we are always at the mercy of Mother Nature's unstoppable might. Initially, we thought it was just a few cabins, but it turned out that the damage was much more extensive than that. Boulders larger than cars have fallen amongst the campsite, cabins have been turned over, the metal of the middle bridge is twisted around trees like the stripes on a candy cane. The sewage system has been washed away, and all power has been knocked out for 150 cabins. The campsite is an unsafe wreck, and it must be closed until May. Field Trip will not take place there.

But did you think for a moment that would stop us? No-- that’s not what Field Trip is about! The energy of El Capitan Canyon was special-- that safe, incubating energy was just as much a part of Field Trip as the stretching and growth. That said…

We’re a community, not a campsite.

Field Trip 2017 is moving forward at breakneck speed, flooding and landslides be damned.


“But… where?”


Great question! We’re moving on up! We have been working night and day on hundreds of scenarios with Field Trip and you in mind. We have found a solution for the community. It’s a little bit colder than Santa Barbara, but we are pretty pumped about this beautiful new space!




We’re going to Lake Arrowhead, California folks!


We can’t wait for you guys to see how cool this place is. Scenic views, lush forest, snow covered mountains.  It’s all the same distance from LA as El Cap, so there’s absolutely NO need to change your flight arrangements.

Will it be cold? Yeah, you bet your chilly little buns it will be, but you can handle it! Gloves exist, people! But TRUST people! Trust us, you’re going to love it here. Trust that we would not betray you by sticking Field Trip in a cruddy place. Trust your Field Trip community to carry that special energy wherever we go. We create it, so let's rally.


IMPORTANT: If you've already bought a ticket for Field Trip 2017, make sure you confirm your attendance. You should have received a survey link via email or text.


We love you all, and we’re so excited to see you in less than a month!!!


p.s. We are working like dogs over here taking Field Trip to new elevations (pun intended), but high on our list is answering any and all of your questions. If you have questions, check the Field Trip Fight Club Facebook group, as they maybe have already been asked and answered. If you need to reach us directly, please feel free to write us at and we will make sure to reply to each and every one of you! We just ask that you please be patient with us as we’re a very small team with very full hands. :)