We're heading for the hills.

Unplug. Immerse yourself in art for a while.

Get a little confused; it’s a good thing! Break away from the norm, and join us in El Capitan Canyon where nothing is boxed in or routine.

Go on a mind bender

Spidey had the right sense—knowledge is power. Field Trip offers you over 50 different types of learning experiences. Choose from topics like business development, tech skills, personal expansion and health and wellness.


Those are big words that come from a concept defined by Einstein himself (no slouch). In simpler terms, it’s taking two unrelated things and putting them together in such a way that it generates new ideas. It’s genius. If you’re in a rut, it might just be with a game of kickball, or a class about body language.



February for a lot of us equals cold and arduous.

It’s no mistake, because it’s the dog days of winter, and it’s overstayed it’s welcome. It’s no mistake or coincidence that we’ve scheduled Field Trip for February. It’s an intentional excuse to escape and head for the sunny and scenic West Coast.

Become a
cross-pollinated breed

Field Trip tends to attract the best and brightest in the arts community. With that, comes a truly rare and accessible opportunity to learn from each other. This is where it happens. Creative cross-pollination that breeds new ideas, new techniques and new friendships.



People don’t like going to dinner or sitting in a theatre alone. But you won’t have to pretend to read a book at Field Trip.

This experience is about kinship, good friends and powerful conversations. “Conferences” can feel very solitary. But that’s not us. At Field Trip, you’ll learn and explore your craft first hand in a collegial and intimate setting.

We want you here.