The In-Depth Creative Dreaming Workshop:

10 hours over 2 days with Prof. G


What’s the Creative Dreaming Workshop?

The Creative Dreaming Method (and workshop) is the brainchild of Guillaume Wolf “Prof. G” (the author of the popular creativity books You Are a Circle, You Are a Message, and You Are a Dream; who’s an associate professor at ArtCenter college of Design). The Creative Dreaming Method answers this burning question: “As a creative, how do you make your dreams come true?”

A big question, isn’t it?

In order to find a meaningful answer, the Creative Dreaming Method challenges you to go beyond your comfort zone by bringing full awareness to your creative work and your life. This is done by facilitating a powerful insight into the nature of the creative self. The Creative Dreaming workshop is transformative. 


The Workshop

The workshop is divided in 3 parts.

  • In Part 1, The Big Picture, you will explore a new map for creative thinking that will give you complete clarity on the creative process, and how to direct it so it supports your well-being and creative success. 
  • In Part 2, Obstacles, you will learn about the real meaning behind the obstacles in your creative life, and how to go beyond them. 
  • In Part 3, Creative Dreaming, you will discover a tactical blueprint for your creative project, from conception, execution, to promotion.

The workshop is highly participative, complete with many exercises.
The last hours of the workshop will be reserved for individual Q&As.


Who is this for?

This workshop is for creatives (artists, photographers, illustrators, architects, designers, art directors, creative entrepreneurs, performers, mompreneurs, bloggers, makers, artisans, and freelancers) who are willing to challenge the status quo and grow their practice.


What you’ll get:

  • 10 hours, over 2 days, with Prof. G that will challenge and inspire you
  • A new perspective and complete clarity—you will leave with a strategic action plan 
  • A powerful insight about your creative life
  • New tools to navigate your work and your life that you will be able to use for the years to come
  • BONUS: You will also get access to download the audiobook version of You Are a Dream (MP3 files)



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  • includes standard accommodation
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  • 3 part class with Prof. G

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Space is limited

This workshop is limited to only 25 participants. Please email Field Trip for availability.