Q: Can I buy a discounted ticket and just come part of the time?  

At this time we are not issuing day passes. Field Trip was specifically designed to be a community building event and we believe this can only happen if we all experience the 4 days together as a whole.

Q: Money is tight at the moment, the investment is a little bit of a stretch for me.

No problem! New this year, we've implemented the "pay as you go" option. For just $300 saves your spot and then you can pay your balance off in installments, relieving the burden of paying all at once.

Q: We're married. Can we get a room to ourselves?

Most likely, if the rooms are still available. We have some rooming options that accommodate two people only or we have the "buyout" option which allows you to purchase any tent or cabin of your choice and have all to yourself!

Q. Is it weird to room with complete strangers?

For most of us, yes! But, that's why we all loved camp as a child so much. There is no easier way to make a fast friend than to wake up together. Goodbye vulnerabilities, hello connections! If it makes you feel better, unless you and your friends do a full tent or cabin buyout we do not put strangers in double beds together. We leave that option up to you!



I went into the experience knowing a bit about how to use my camera and the manual settings, but I left with a solid understanding of the basics which has let my creativity and productivity explode.
— Kelsey S

Q. Can I bring my family, children included?

Absolutely! We actually encourage it. Please note, that everyone who stays on site at El Capitan Canyon is required to purchase a Field Trip ticket. If you would prefer to have your family with you, but only you attend Field Trip than we suggest staying in a tent or RV at Ocean Mesa.

Q. Can I bring my dog?

Animals aren't allowed in the canyon, but they are welcome at Ocean Mesa. If you wish to attend with your four-legged friends we suggest renting a campsite or RV spot at Ocean Mesa.


Q. Can me and my friends stay in the same cabin together?

Of course! We highly suggest one of you purchasing a full cabin buyout and then exchanging funds via something like Venmo. Otherwise, we will do our best to arrange you based on your special requests, but cannot make any guarantees.

Q. I'm really hoping to use Field Trip as a full-blown retreat. Can I stay in a cabin all by myself?

Yes! This is why we have created the "buyout" option for every cabin on site. You buy it out, you get to use it however you wish.

Q. What's included in my ticket?

Your pass to Field Trip 2017 will cover access to over 60 learning experiences, your meal ticket, an assortment of wellness classes, Lazers and Blazers and evening activities that won't disappoint!

Q. What's the day-to-day schedule like?

The official schedule won't be finalized until after the New Year, but here is how our days are organized:

Thursday: check-in is between 2-4 pm and then we will have dinner and evening activities which will include an opening speaker.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday start with breakfast and coffee before and array of morning classes for you to choose from, lunch and an afternoon filled with options that will include more classes, off-site field trips, group yoga and cardio classes or the chance to participate in a little friend competition! (or you can skip it all, get yourself a massage and take a nice, long nap!)

Our annual and hailed as the "Best night of the year!" Lazers and Blazers will take place on Saturday evening.

Monday will conclude with morning brunch and check-out by 11 a.m. 

Q. What will I eat?

All of our meals are eaten together -- picnic table style under a bit tent with string lights. It's a great and easy way to meet new people! Meals include everything from Mexican to Italian to American. If you are vegan or vegetarian we will have options for you, too! Simply let us know upon registering and we'll take care of you.

Q. Where should I fly into?

The Santa Barbara (SBA) airport is a 15-20 minute drive away from El Capitan Canyon. The LA (LAX) airport is a 2-2.5 hour drive depending on traffic. The address to El Capitan Canyon is: 11560 Calle Drive Goleta, CA 93117. We will provide shuttles to El Capitan Canyon for those flying into LAX for an additional fee of $50. 


So don't miss out! Come join us this year!