Aromatherapy Massage

This year at Field Trip, we are offering 30-60 minute aromatherapy massage sessions that will oil the hinges of your heart garden gate and help you access the freedom to swing wide into the full heave of your reach. I invite you to lean into your desires - activate your original twinkle all systems go cosmic lift off - with a pre lasers and blazers treatment - or find multidimensional rejuvenation - with a head to toe post dance party treatment.
Your massage guru is Emily Melander. 

$1 per minute

I offer a whimsical approach to wellness - centered in the heart - where all the channels of our being intersect  and unfurl into wild and wonderful forms. Being a human is a rich and intricate experience - we exist as individuals and as a collective - we have the capacity to feel an infinite range of emotions - some we repeat and some we have learned to keep trapped. Plant essence is a potent star power that is especially helpful for clearing space on the heart stage - where life is transformed into love. True presence is an essence that heals - I look forward to seeing you soon!
— Emily Melander

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