Field trippers, we're ready to take this to the next level; because when life gives you an opportunity like this, you jump.

This November, Field Trip will be heading to India for an intimate submersion of hands-on cultural interaction and photojournalism.

This will NOT be a detached tourist excursion, nor will it be an exercise in white-savior-ism for us to feel good about ourselves and get a super-gratifying profile photo. We know we can accomplish much more than that.

By actually partnering with people who have dedicated their lives to working in these areas, people who are well-traveled and know the ins and outs of their context, we believe we can create wholly unique learning experience without being abrasive or exploitative. Not only that, but we believe we can use our craft to be a positive force. We have the power to break down stereotypes, and to reframe the way westerners encounter places like India. This is still the Field Trip you know and love.

It will still be our intention
to learn through play.

We will be holding your hand and guiding you, and you will be holding your camera. Between decisive moment street photography, pre-scouted shoots, foodie bliss, and maybe even a surprise festival, we're going to get you into direct contact with India while helping you continue to grow and improve your craft.

Throughout all of this, our intention will be to listen more than to talk; to learn about existing needs rather than assuming we already know.

If you're anything like us, you got into this whole photography thing because you believe it can be a powerful tool. Because you believe it can do a lot more than just make things look nice. Do you still believe that? Do you want to get out there and employ your craft to its fullest potential? Let's see what you and your camera can do.